From a child British born Elizabeth loved to playact imaginary characters, deliver recitations and sit with her Father as he played the piano.  To correct a misalignment of her foot at age five, her Mother enrolled her in ballet classes, which then led to drama classes.  There she literally fell in love with the smell of the greasepaint and passion became purpose.

In 1958, age 10 she won a cereal box competition and a spot on a national television commercial. She began to model and, in demand throughout her teens,  she earned enough to study at the National Arts Academy in London, England. Studies at the school included drama, singing through the Royal Conservatory of Music and dance through the Royal Academy of Ballet.

At 16, Elizabeth graduated from the Academy and pursued her passion 'on the boards' with repertory companies throughout UK in comedy, drama and farce.  Whilst a member of the chorus at the London Palladium, her break came when the lead actress in that production of Robinson Crusoe became ill.  As her understudy, Elizabeth stepped in to share the stage and accolades with Engelbert Humperdinck and Arthur Askey.  Overnight, she leapt out of the chorus and into leading roles in productions such as Robert and Elizabeth with Sir Donald Woolfit and Keith Michel, Guys and Dolls, the Wizard of Oz, Lock up Your Daughters, Oklahoma and the 1969 London revival of Lady Be Good.

Guest appearances followed on stage and television. Because of her growing success and through introductions by her "Personal Management" agent Richard Jackson, she had the profound opportunity to talk with and be inspired by John Houston, Francois Truffaut, Marcel Marceau, Gregory Peck, Burt Lancaster, Mai Zetterling and James Stewart.

Later, after an interlude of five years in West Africa with her husband and young family, she immigrated to Canada.  In Toronto, she modeled and resumed her acting career in dinner theatre and small film roles. When her husband was contracted to South Africa she acquired an agent in Johannesburg and worked in television, returning a year later to Canada; this time to the west coast.

Her passion for theatre never left her.  With her family grown, she produced and directed a multi-cultural production in Victoria, BC, and resumed her acting career in theatre and film.  Today, Elizabeth is based in Vancouver and while acting collaborates on various projects with her two sons (also in film) and her opera singer/actress daughter.  She also teaches theatre arts to young people.  She most recently appeared as a lead character in the film 'Complexity' by up-and-coming writer/director Adam Bogoch. Since 2012 she has been the Artistic Director for Dramaworks, a Theatre Arts school for Youth in West Vancouver, BC.
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